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VCS Africa

Company Name Change

During the life of a registered company, a change in the identity of a company may become necessary.

Our Service

To change a company name the company is required to pass a special resolution, file a specific set of documents and go through a detailed process before the new name is registered. This implies that a company registers a name which is different from its previous registered name. If the new name and documents are acceptable a certificate of change of name is issued. The new name is only effective when it is registered and all the necessary documents have been filed.

Our Value

At VCS, we offer you the most hassle free way to change your company name. Your role will be to simply give us a written instruction and the rest will be covered by our Company change of name specialists.


When choosing to change the name of your company with VCS, you are assured of free consultation to answer all questions. We will also handle all the paperwork and administrative work for your convenience while you focus on your core business and driving success for your enterprise.

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