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VCS Africa

Private Limited Companies

A Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd) is a limited liability investment vehicle and our experience has proved this to be the most popular type of entity for business.

Our Service

A private limited company provides liability protection to promoters of the company and offers flexibility in management and the personal liability protection offered to its members. It is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a quick and easy way to get into business.

The owners of a private company are called shareholders or members and they buy interest in the company with cash, property or the promise of payment. A private company also allows members to participate in the management of a company. In Zimbabwe, the minimum requirement is at least one shareholder in a private company. Shareholders in private companies can be individuals or other entities

The main uses of private companies in our experiences are:

  • Holding Real Estate
  • Trading Accounts
  • Operating Business

Our Value

VCS has proven expertise in incorporation of Private companies and we believe that for every promoter of a private company, selecting the best incorporator who can show you how to easily benefit from a private company and how to easily use this vehicle for business, real estate and any other requirements is important. We have an established reputation of excellence which we have built over many years of service to businesses and individuals.

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