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VCS Africa

Investing in Zimbabwe

Virtual Corporate Services is one of the foremost independent foreign investment facilitators in Zimbabwe.

Why Invest in Zimbabwe?

Our range of services is constantly being broadened so as to offer feasible solutions to the investor community. Our clients range from public quoted corporations to individuals with investment interests in many sectors including mining, manufacturing, tourism, information technology, software development and master franchises. The country is making significant strides towards rebuilding its economy. An area in which we foresee substantial growth in is the infrastructure sector and the mining sector as the country continues to progress in improving its manufacturing capacity.


We have provided an outline of the services we offer, but we also promise our customers that we are a flexible organization able to tailor our products to meet the specific needs of our customers. An essential part of our service is to provide introductions between foreign investors and providers of goods and services that are of an acceptable high standard. This enables us to assist investors in a wide range of areas through suitable suppliers.


All new foreign investments that are not channeled through the stock market must receive the approval on the Zimbabwe Investment Authority. Certain sectors of the economy are reserved for domestic investors, mainly in the areas of agriculture, road transportation, personal services and wholesale and retail distribution. Foreign investment in these sectors is limited. Virtual Corporate Services provides assistance in all matters relating to obtaining an Investment Licence and can provide detailed information and advice upon request. We also proceed to register and structure investment vehicles to meet regulatory requirements while meeting the needs of our customers.

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