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VCS Africa

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

As the lender of last and a custodian of the Zimbabwean monetary system, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is a major catalyst for growth in the economy

The Reserve Bank

Zimbabwe continues to take steps to improve business and banking practices, and to strengthen macroeconomic and structural reforms. The central bank is the centre piece that facilitates most of this activity.


Investments in the financial services industry as well as all applications for the purchase or transfer of equity in existing businesses require the approval of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

In conjunction with the commercial banks, we can assist in structuring applications that require to be submitted to the Reserve Bank. Generally, approvals will only be granted where the level of investment in the existing operation does not exceed 40%, and where it can be shown that benefits will accrue to Zimbabwe in the form of technology transfer, improved competitiveness, increased employment levels and increased net foreign currency earnings.

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