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VCS Africa

Tax Services

We are there to assist with your tax obligations that includes:

Our Tax Services

Tax Registration
Our team is ready to assist with tax registration and obtain your Business Partner number which is your gateway to all tax obligations.
Tax Returns
We are there to calculate and submit your tax returns i.e. QPDs, PAYE and VAT. Keeping track of all these returns can be cumbersome, our tax services will ensure we take that burden away from our clients and keep track of all your tax commitments.
Tax Clearance (ITF 263) & Bank Tax Clearance
We are there to serve you and assist with getting your tax clearance certificates.

Why it is important to be tax compliant?

  • Avoid being penalized by tax Authorities (ZIMRA).
  • Accessing your tax clearance on time and avoid being charged 10% withholding tax and other inconveniences brought about by not having your tax clearance certificate.
  • Being able to participate in government tenders.
  • Good corporate citizenship, over the years it has been proved that being tax compliant is also a way of demonstrating good business practices.

Other Services

Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ)
We can also assist with the registration and renewal of PRAZ
We can take care of your NSSA registration and submitting monthly returns.
Vendor number
We can do your first time registration and renewal of your vendor number.
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